Edit, duplicate or delete a form

The forms you create can be modified at any time. From the forms list, click the 3 dots on the right of your form name to open the action menu of a form.

Edit form: Choose the Edit option. You can also simply click on the name of the form in the list. You will be taken to the form editor.

Warning! If you are editing an existing form, keep in mind that the changes will appear as soon as they are saved.

Rename a form: Select the Rename option. Enter the new name for your form. Remember that this name is not displayed anywhere, it's only visible to you.

Duplicate a form: Select the Duplicate option. A window will open and you can choose a name for your new form. You can also choose to change the language, if you want to translate it for example. Click here to learn how to translate form

Delete a form: Select the Delete option. Remember to remove your form from your website or where it's published before deleting it.